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Due to the current global pandemic, please allow 14 business days in addition to shipping time. I make my products with love by hand and am also impacted by delayed shipping from my vendors. :-)

Why Choose Us?

Discover the Goodness of Your Hair and Skin, Naturally! Our unique blend of all natural ingredients is perfect in giving your hair and skin the boost it's been waiting for! Whether it's for hair growth/manageability or to provide moisture/protection to the skin, Ka'Ru Essentials has the chemical free product you need!

"This review is waaaaaaay over due! I initially bought Ka’ru for hair purposes. Witnessing my brother’s use and how it helped moisturize his beard I knew I needed some and without fail it worked amazingly on my curls making them soft...and the smell? Uh (some times I’d purposely use extra to rub the rest on my hands lol). Reading the bottle I realized I could use it on my skin. Y’all, I have bad dry skin on my neck, chest,back, arms just pretty much my whole torso. I had just began accepting the discoloration when after a little while of using the essential oils my skin start clearing up and where once was a dry slightly raised patch of skin was is now smooth soft and the color is even starting to even out! I’m so hype, I tell everyone to get some! I also have a slight bit of alopecia that flares up from time to time and on really itchy and scabby days, it has been helping soothe and heal my scalp! If you haven’t gotten it, get it! It you’re thinking about it just do it!"

Karly Cooper

About Us

D'ani Moore


D'ani started making homemade hair and body products for herself in early 2012. The impact it had on her hair health and growth, as well as her eczema, caught the attention of many and the requests started pouring in. With the support and encouragement of loved ones, Ka'Ru Essentials was born. We've been blessed to provide quality products to customers all over the country! Check back with us soon for the release of additional products to our line :-)